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Top: American Apparel/ Skirt: Loafers: Pour La Victoire When I am...

Top: American Apparel/ Skirt: Loafers: Pour La Victoire

When I am in China the only online store I go is
It's like a Chinese ebay, but believe me, it's so much more powerful
 You can buy almost everything you can think of there and with a very good price!
I got this skirt there about a year ago and I'm still crazy about it!!
It was a dream catcher when I first saw it, it's chiffon and pleated ,can't resist this combination
I also saw that the new spring collection of Zara also had a similar skirt and the price was almost triple !
If anyone knows an online store called I can say actually most of the stuff there you can buy them on taobao with a much lower price..but too bad it's not an international store


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  1. i LOVE your looks!! so beautiful. 你是從哪一省來的? xoxo

  2. Yes I know about romwe is actually selling same things as taobao. But just because it is selling internationally with good marketing plans so the prices are so much higher. :(

  3. I love this skirts sooooo flowy and beautiful :)


  4. Love your style!
    i never forget your looks and feeling when i saw your pic at first !


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