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Velvet shirt: Romwe / Skirt: Ella Moss  / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff This is what I'm w...

Velvet shirt: Romwe / Skirt: Ella Moss / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

This is what I'm wearing most of the time: a long skirt+ shirt( or jacket, as you can see in my previous posts). It's super comfy and yet fashionable. I'm crazy about long skirts( already mentioned...), this skirt is one of my new favourite pieces from Ella Moss, I got both colours, white and grey :)) and the velvet shirt I got from Romwe is amazing! It's like the most comfortable velvet piece I've ever had, you can check it out here .
My final exams will start in two days....and I haven't started reviewing yet...awww..gonna shut down all those fashion websites/ online stores...

Anyways, my Romwe Giveaway will be ended in 9 days, so for those who haven't participated yet you can check it out in my previous post


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  1. you look so gorgeous! love your hair*

  2. Oh my Goodnes you look so pretty <3 I love everything about this outfit, girl :)
    kisses, Marta

  3. Hey Chantal!I've been following you on LB!And now I'm following your blog :)
    You have amazing blog and I love your style!
    Maybe you can check out my blog too and follow back :)
    Thanks!keep blogging!

  4. You should see me on casual day;) Amazing skirt,I love pleated skirt esp maxis;)

  5. I discover you and LB, and now I read your blog!
    You are very pretty, you look like the korean star Sohee ;)!
    I adore your long skirt! I must buy one! (sorry for my really bad english, i'm french ;))
    Oh and your tie an dye hair is perfect!

  6. Stunning, the skirt, the velvet shirt! you look amazing. xx


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