Jacket: Dress: Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Many thanks to inlovewithfashio...

Jacket: Dress: Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Many thanks to for sending me this cute mint dress. I may wanna shoot it again (I was hoping a better set of photos in my head then this one).  As you can see, the dress is super feminine, so I add a leather jacket to balance it out. I should put on a non-edgy jacket, but this is the only one I got. Need to get a new jacket!

Anyways, hope you like this one, and look forward to my new photos:)

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  1. your hair is so beautiful!!!! :) what's the name of your online boutique? sounds rly cool that you have one!

  2. I had never heard of and just went there and bought a dress! Their stuff is super cute and priced well. And free shipping is always good!

  3. i am in love with this colour! and the dress goes so well with the jacket! x

  4. Love this dress :)
    You are such a cutiepie!
    follow you ;)


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