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                    Top:  Collar: Shorts: Taobao/  Bag: Balenciaga/  Shoes: Jeffrey Cam...

Top:  Collar: Shorts: Taobao/  Bag: Balenciaga/  Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Hey there! Long time not see again... So I've tried the self-shooting thing and I think we both know how it ended up. Setting the camera, heading back and forth and remaining the same post for several times just to get the best shots, ya, sucks :( ! ! So I asked one of my friend to do this one, and can you tell that she never used a SLR camera before?
I have so many news these days that I wanna share with you guys: A) I got an internship in  a bank in Guangzhou and that actually is the main reason that I wasn't able to update my blog (and the annoying self-shooting thing too!). The internship was good, but I think I would be more thrilled if I can get one in the fashion industry. So if any of you have an available spot for me I'll be truly appreciated! B) Check out my new balenciaga city bag! I'm sooo in love!  C) I got my hair cut! It was not that obvious here but you can tell the difference from the last picture. I actually got my hair straightened just a day after, so now I have straight hair! yay that is really something for me considering I had kept those curly hair for years and never changed it.  D) I'll be back to Canada in half a month and stay tuned for upcoming posts then!!
By the way isn't my dog cute:) ?
Woah so this is kinda a long post.. Hope you still like it!

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  1. I love our top! It's so cute

    xx maggie


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