Hardware and.....Moochi!

Leather jacket: Storets/ Top: Nasty Gal/ Skirt: Zara   A short and pretty random post in the last day of my reading week.. Y...

Leather jacket: Storets/ Top: Nasty Gal/ Skirt: Zara
A short and pretty random post in the last day of my reading week.. Yes I'm still in my undergrad but only two more months to go !
Leather jacket and leather skirt, two of my favourite items match together to create the toughest look... Feels like all I need is a motorcycle now haha.
And.. meet my lovely boy Moochi:) Well I remember in one of my old( one-year-old) posts I promised to post more photos with this kid but I never did...:( But, if you have followed my instagram you do see lots and lots of photos of Moochi right?

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  1. You look soooooooo cool!!!
    p.s.lovely doggy <3

    xoxo Iren

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