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Coat:  Le Chateau  / Top:  Storets  / Skirt:  C/MEO  / Shoes:  Public Desire  / Bag: ...

Coat: Le Chateau / Top: Storets / Skirt: C/MEO / Shoes: Public Desire / Bag: Louis Vuitton 

Nothing beats a well put together monochrome outfits, at least that's my excuse for my never ending black and white outfits.... Well it looks good though right? I've been asked by you guys plenty of times about why not wearing more colors. To be honest I have a closet full of colorful dresses/blouses/pants( yes, pants), I was quite shocked that how much can a person changes her style just in less than two years! Let's just say I'm more leaning towards modern and minimal look now, who knows maybe you will see me in bright yellow one day.

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  1. Really love this monochrome look! And yes, it's amazing how much your style can change over time... Mine shifts around a lot, sometimes minimal, sometimes crazy-colorful.. :) Love your blog!


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