Shirt:  Storets  / Blazer : ZARA (old season) / Pants:  ZARA  / Shoes:  Tony Bianco  / Bag: Give...

Shirt: Storets / Blazer : ZARA (old season) / Pants: ZARA / Shoes: Tony Bianco / Bag: Givenchy / Sunglasses: Illesteva

Am I the only one that is too excited about flares coming back to style? And what's more excited is that flared blouse is a thing as well. Two of my favorite styles all together? Yes please! I can already image my closet full of flared blouses and pants in the near future. I've never meet one of those I don't love to be honest. Finger crossed they won't go out of style too soon. But even if they did, you will still see them often from me :p

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  1. Black and white outfit looks always so good xx



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