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I had a pleasure collaborating with The Time Hotel  during my recent trip to New York C...

I had a pleasure collaborating with The Time Hotel during my recent trip to New York City. I've always been a bit picky when comes to where to stay when traveling around. As a blogger, travelling and working is actually the same thing. I do am grateful that I'd be able to call each vacation as working, but on the other hand, it's not really a vacation when you can't truly relax but have to work your butt out. Therefore you cannot blame me for being picky for the only one place I get to have a me time.

I've stayed in many different hotels during my multiple trips to the big apple. I love discovering and experiencing different places even with hotels. The Time Hotel NYC is one of the most lovely and welcoming places I've stayed in New York. It's hidden in the heart of Time Square, but in contrary to the crowds and noises on Broadway, it is surprisingly peaceful and quite. Oh and don't get me started on the fluffy bed and all the interiors that just hit the right button..

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