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I've been one of the Armani beauty influencers for the past year as you might have alrea...

I've been one of the Armani beauty influencers for the past year as you might have already known, and yet I'm still pinching myself whether it's real.. One of the many advantages of being a part of the team is that I get to try out all kinds of Armani beauty products, I mean literally everything. And I've grown into attachments to many of them that they are now truly essentials to my daily routine.

If I had to pick just one kind of products that I can't live without, then they are the iconic lipsticks. I've been wearing bold lipsticks since high school (trust me it is not common at all in China), and I mean when I say there is not a single lipstick from Armani that I don't like. So when I received the new Lip Magnet collections just a few weeks ago, I could not be more excited to try them all..

LIP MAGNET is the first liquid lipcolor to offer unprecedented color concentration in the finest of textures, while perfectly fusing with the lips. They are exactly what Armani international make-up artist Linda Cantello describes, extremely long-lasting finish with the lightweight sensation of a second skin, and pen like brush for ease of application. For me that's the two most essential factors to consider when choosing lipsticks. When they have both, I am already sold. And as always they have all the shades from luscious reds to peachy pinks to juicy oranges.. there is a colour for every women. So ladies jump on board and find your own magnetic attraction...

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  1. Interesting products! Makes me want to try them on.

  2. I have the shade 507 and it's utterly beautiful! Such a one of a kind formula.

    Love from Indonesia,


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