Cancun Photo Diary



I've been to a few coastal cities in the past year ( such as LAMiami and Bali), and one of my favourite places has to be the Finest Resort in Cancun, Mexico. If you are following me along on Instagram you sure already knew I went to the tropical place last month and had a time of my life the whole week with endless sunbathing, mouthwatering food and countless cocktails ;). 

Imaging waking up on a balmy winter morning to the sound of ocean breath, the smell of hot pancakes and of course more pointedly, view like this.. If sipping cocktails on the beach is not satisfied enough for someone like yours truly, soaking in your rooftop tub with endless mojitos and maybe some tacos at the side while still enjoying the ocean scenario should surely sounds just about right. If you are coming to the resort trust me the two-story rooftop room is a must.

With all inclusive 10 international dining options and 16 different bars throughout the whole resort, frankly you can definitely find me either at the beach, in the restaurant or at the bar...  To say that I would highly recommend that you travel to this beautiful place is an understatement, just be sure to pack enough of sunscreen and dollar bills.. and your prettiest dresses and bikinis.

White romper: Lionessfashion / Blue romper: Lionessfashion / Black bikini: Lionessfashion / White long dress: Mossman Swfboutique/ Hat: Lack of Color 

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