Rusty Hues

Sweater: Tularosa   .  Skirt: Ellery   .  Pumps:  Balenciaga   .  Bag:  Prada   .  Sunglasses:  Loewe When it...

Sweater: Tularosa  .  Skirt: Ellery  .  Pumps: Balenciaga  .  Bag: Prada  .  Sunglasses: Loewe

When it comes to colors you all know where I stand. Not that I'm a stranger to bold colors, if you followed me along way back you would understand what I meant.. (see here and here). I believe my personal style now is more refined and edited with selected of black, white, grey and neutral tones..   However as mush as I'm a monochrome lover, I still cannot bypass the earthier brown red neutrals that comes in trend this past season. 

The #1 rule in monochrome dressing with colors is to mix and match with similar tones, take note from someone who should know. Remember to keep your accessories game simple, but just enough to accomplish the look..

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  1. I really like wearing black. white, grey tones also. But this season I am obsessed with earthy brown tones. I really like your styling so inspiring.

    Thank you for sharing!


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