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2020 is definitely one of the year to remember. I finally purchased my very first home in the city in the beg...

2020 is definitely one of the year to remember. I finally purchased my very first home in the city in the beginning of the year, and I was just lucky enough to settle in right before the Covid-19 outbreak. Since now that "stay at home" is becoming the new norm,  I'm actually very comfortably stay at my own sanctuary and practicing that quarantine life. Personally I really get nothing to complain about.

Although I was not expecting to stay at home as much as we currently are when I moved in, I still wanted to create a little sanctuary, a piece of space that I could just relax, rest in, and call home. My enthusiasm for interior design and decoration is taking all over me even though my place is only a nearly 500 sqft condo, and there is literally not much space for me to do anything. With that being said, it is very important to choose the right statement pieces, from furnitures, to light fixtures and to art works.

I did many researches on almost all the furnishing websites and I was very happy to find many of my key pieces from Mobilia. I've always love the idea of a coziness and warmth vibe for bedroom and this Jura Acacia bed is exactly what I've been looking for. it instantly creates a earthy and resting atmosphere and it's just one of the furnitures that one could keep for years. I've also chosen the matching nightstand as well as a little table lamp to complete the look. As for the living room, in contrary, I was looking to create a chic French style space by adding a few interesting elements such as a fireplace mantel, a brown leather sofa and different accent chairs. The living room is not quite finished yet but I'm already happy with how it looks now.

Having my own sanctuary home in today's situation is definitely something I feel very grateful everyday. And I've learned to appreciate everything we have in our lives. I hope everyone is all stay in, stay strong and stay healthy.

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